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About Premotely

In early 2020 a Product Manager had their life changed by COVID-19 - redundancy and a complete relocation to a new country at short notice. They needed to work remotely, but finding remote Product Management roles was time consuming. What made it harder was that many companies still weren't sure how long they would need their Product Managers to work remotely, so many companies weren't advertising their PM roles as remote (yet).

By late July it has become clear to many businesses that Product Management can work amazingly well as a remote role. Far better than many anticipated, with the right tools (we love Miro & Slack) and the right support.

Now it is clear that the demand is growing to hire remotely by default. Remote-first Product Manager roles are growing.

So, that Product Manager who had to relocate, along with a small team, are now dedicating their time to help other Product Managers of all levels - Owner, Senior, Heads, VPs, and Directors - find their dream remote role.

-- The Premotely Team